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                    Old Cutter Alert - Mysteries & Unknowns

As with any old historic place, building or ship, the Alert has her share of  unanswered questions and curiosities. Here we will list some of these in the hopes that someone will be able to shed some light on them. If you have any information or stories of the Alert you want to share please email us at: info@oldcutteralert.com 

Thank You


1.  Japanese sub sinking

We have heard a story to the effect that the old Alert was involved in the sinking of a Japanese submarine off the California Coast early(?) in World War II. Can anyone help with this one?


Graffiti found under Officers Country

The following graffiti was found on a beam in the starboard stores under the officers staterooms:

"King 67"
"Heinisch 68"
"Beaver EM2 68"
"RAB 66"
"Dobson EN3 '66 '67 '68"
"Cranston 64"
"Snyder DR 65"
"Dyet 1959"
"Ritter 66-67"
"Vallad EN3 6-67"
"Freyhof '68"
"Gable '68"
"Francis '68"

If anyone knows who any of these people (crew members?) were. Let us know at info@oldcutteralert.com 


While cleaning up a dark and forgotten corner of the ship, Walt James came across an old  leather tool pouch marked R.W. Mandell

We've got it stowed away in the slop-chest. 

R.W., if you want you tool pouch back... Give us a call!


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