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Alert News Alert


Welcome to the Alert News Alert where you’ll find the latest news about what is happening with the Old Cutter Alert and what else is needed to help restore and preserve this fine old vessel.

                                              Spring 2012 

Well, winter is over and there is much to report. The cover that Bill and Walt built over the superstructure and the side deck is doing its job well. Bill has been able to get the stbd. genset up and running nicely so we have ships power when we need it. Bill is now working on rebuilding the Port Genset.

Gregg Campbell of Break-Away Video Productions  http://www.exclaimmedia.net/welcome/about-us/gregg-campbell/ has volunteered his services and is working on a 30 - 45 minute documentary on the Alert. Gregg was on the Alert in April shooting some footage. Gregg was also on the Alert shooting footage and doing interviews when we brought her up the Columbia River from Rainier, Oregon to Portland 4 years ago and that footage combined with all the other footage and historical material and interviews we already have should enable Gregg to produce an excellent video for us. It should be available by August if not sooner.

LTJG Anise Greenley of the United States Coast Guard saw our website and contacted us. At the beginning of April LTJG Greenley came and visited the old Alert and really liked her. She put us in contact with the USCGC Steadfast WMEC-623. The Steadfast is home ported in Astoria, Oregon and shares a pier with her sister ship the current USCGC Alert WMEC-630. The current Alert was on patrol but on April 21st LT. Chris Adams and CWO2 Greg Tarker of Steadfast along with LTJG Greenley visited Portland to help work on the ship. With their help we were able to remove the (very heavy) old mechanical chart plotter from the pilothouse. They also helped us get all the old dunnage and DC materials out of the lazzarette and remove a very long, heavy duty electrical cable from the ship.

        L to Rt. Coast Guard personell; Lt. Chris Adams, CWO2 Greg Tarker, LTJG Anise Greenley

It was great to see the interest these modern Coast Guard men and women have in their history in general and the old Cutter Alert in particular. Thank you all for your help! I hope we will be seeing more of you folks in the future


                                        ALERT WMEC-630




                                 STEADFAST WMEC-623

On April 28th Walt James, Bill Lacy, Capt. Richard Rich and myself took a trip to Astoria, Oregon and visited Steadfast and the current Alert. Steadfast’s engineer Chief Warrant Officer 2 Greg Tarker gave us great tour of his ship. Steadfast was commissioned in 1968 and has been constantly upgraded ever since and it was interesting to see what has changed and what has remained the same on these vessels. A big “Thank you!” to CWO Tarker and to all the crew of Steadfast for their hospitality and help. Any crewmember of Steadfast or the current Alert is always welcome on the Old Cutter Alert.

                         A Couple Photos from Fans of the Alert

        Photo by Johnathan McCool

    Photo by Don MacDonald

Summer 2011

Much has happened this summer... Bill Lacy found a source for the hard-to-find brushes for the gensets. Bill now has the stbd. genset up and running like new and the port genset is almost ready to go. Bill and Walt also got the main engines started. The mains had not run in almost 3 years and both 268a Clevelands fired right up and ran like tops! Walt has built a structure over the superstructure and when it's roofed over it will help limit water intrusion this winter.

Wedensday Feb. 23, 2011

It's been a long winter... Bill Lacy and Walt James have been on the boat quite a bit since the move and have the stbd. generator just about up and running. Looks like Bill is going to have to fabricate an exhaust manifold for the 2-71 diesel engine that runs it. 

Walt is working on a canopy to tent off the boat deck and overhang the gunwales port and starboard and there are volunteers waiting to get started on spring clean-up as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. 

We now need to do some serious fund raising so we can get enough in our battle chest to get the Alert dry-docked, get her bottom cleaned, surveyed and repaired if neccessary and then get the work signed-off by a marine architect. 

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to the cause, please contact us at
info@oldcutteralert.com Please be sure to include the words "alert volunteer" in the subject line. 
                     We Need A Volunteer Researcher/Archivive

We need someone who will do some research for the Alert. We want to compile as complete a list of ALL the Alert's past crew members as possible (1927-1969). And we would like to contact as many living crew members as we can. We're looking for old photos, film clips and relevant articles in the press. We're also interested in finding her old logs if they still exist and we arer particularly interested in knowing more about her WWII service with the Navy. This is the kind of work that can be done from home anywhere in the country. So, if this sound like something you would like to help us with, please email me! dave@oldcutteralert.com 
The Alert Needs YOUR Help!


There are some things on our “to-do list” that can only be done in a proper shipyard/dry-dock environment and that costs money. We also need a thorough marine survey and a COI from the US Coast Guard so that the Alert can once again take part in on-the-water events throughout her original western United States patrol area. The Cutter Alert Preservation Team Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and we depend on your tax-deductable donations. Please help us save the Alert…  

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