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                                  With Chief Engineer Bill Lacy

I'm Bill Lacy, Chief Engineer on the Alert. Am doing as much restoration as can be done on a small budget, have run the main engines and they look and sound like they are in good condition. No water leaks into the crank case oil which is common for an old marine engine. Have gotten the stb generator running, hasn,t run in 10 or 12years I have been told and it is producing electricity.The Port generator is getting a bit of a maintenance boost also till it can be rebuilt. We have a donated 15KW AC generator to give the ships gen a rest and we have a 5KW gen diesel for ships lights and tools. The winch elctromagnetic brake is being restored. Many things being done and so much more to do. We need an electrician who can think outside the box (as in 32V DC current) along with the standard AC current.

This engine room was last 'modernized' 24 years before the advent of the transistor radio.

"She is not maintanance-free, so please help keep her running... 


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